Not Me

How often am I told that the Republican Party is the party of rich old white men? And yet, I'm a life long Republican -- not a man, not rich, and not old. Thought I am white, or as I prefer 'Anglo Celtic American', and I certainly would have no objection to being rich! But honestly? I don't know any rich old men - of any colour. Most of political social circle are women. I'm not even married, or a mother. Single, childless, California native. I guess I'm supposed to be a Dem, but I never drank that particular Kool-Aid. I think the constant assertion that this is a party of rich white men is just another way for the liberals to try and marginalize those of us who don't conform to their very limited viewpoint of who women and minorities should be. And I've never been a conformist!


Before I went to bed last night, I said 'I hope I wake up and find that Sarah Palin is the pick. But that won't happen because McCain only ever does things that tick me off!' I think I scared the cats with my 'SQUEEEE!!!!' when I turned on the TV this morning.

Finally, a woman on the Republican ticket! And a woman I can relate to and enthusiastically support. Who would have thought? I teared up a bit when she was announced and as she began to speak. I wouldn't ever vote for a woman just because she's a woman, of course, but to be able to do so this election? Priceless.