Fool Me Once

I haven't said much on Kerry and his ever changing Vietnam memories since so many people are doing a much better job than I could. But I did have a few random thoughts I wanted I'd share.

Back in the day, when the Monica thing broke, and Clinton got on TV and told us he'd never had sex with "that woman", I believed him. Yeah, I was stupid, I know. But even though I didn't vote for him, he was still the President, my President, and maybe I couldn't let myself believe he'd make such a bald faced lie on national TV. It didn't take long for me to discover how naive I'd been. And then we were told that his lies didn't really matter because it was all about sex. A "personal" matter between adults.

Turn the clock to today. John Kerry wants to be President, supposedly my President, though I'm not sure I believe that anymore. He's made Vietnam the centerpiece of his campaign. He reminded us again and again about his time there, and how that qualified him to be President. Okay, me personally, I don't think military service automatically confers Presidential ability. And I remember the Dems making sure we didn't think so when war heros like George H. Bush and Bob Dole were the candidates in question. I want to know what the man wanting the highest office in our land has done lately. Especially when we're at war now. But John Kerry felt differently, so did his party. After all, they've tried to denigrate President Bush's service from day one. They've tried every trick in the book to compare his service unfavourably to Kerry's, they've trotted out men who served with Kerry, and their whole convention was a testament to Kerry's service in Vietnam. Now, of course, it turns out Kerry is still lying, as a man in his fifties. As much as I dislike him, naive old me never really expected it. I know he lied back when he was protesting the war, but the fact he's still doing it just floors me. I guess it shouldn't.

This time, it isn't "just about sex", so I wonder what excuse the Dems will come up with to justify these lies? And what contortions the media will go through to keep the spin going for "their" candidate.

Later: edited this a bit for clarity - or tried to - after reading Peter's comment. Sometimes writing at work doesn't always result in the clearest posts.

Very random indeed

First off, is there a term for commenting verbally to what you're seeing on the TV? (other than 'nuts') I do that a lot, and that's what I was doing when these random bits occured to me. Anyway, on with the post! (and if there isn't a term, there should be)

When I saw the Wraith in action, my first comment was, "Vampires!". And my complete talking to the TV moment was that they were killing two myths with one stone: Atlantis and vampires, and what was next? Of course the Ancients have always seemed Elven to me, so, you know.... In fact, I was verbally composing LotR/Atlantis fanfic for Nin (much to her distress) (no, I'm not writing it, just telling the TV about it!)

Oh, wait! The rest of the thought... The Wraith don't seem all that menacing, at least not to the extent that they were so deadly to the Ancients menacing, if you know what I mean.