Crossing My Fingers

Yes, I know the comments have been pretty much broken for a lot of you for awhile. and it's been hard for me to balance spam against letting people comment at will. I think I've managed to get a bit of a working compromise. I won't know for a dew days, of course, till I actually have comments to judge.

What I think it's going to now is: if you're registered with Typekey, MT sees you as a 'trusted commenter' (It's a bummer I can't decide who is trusted myself, but I can't) and will publish for comment. If you comment and aren't logged into Typekey, your comment will be held in moderation till I can approve it.

Let's see if this works, okay? So please, if you would leave comments, both signed into Typekey and not, and see how it all works. Thanks.

And thanks so much for all your patience! I know it's been frustrating.

Shameless Self-Promotion

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