Paris Hilton Eats a Burger

I have no problem with the new Paris Hilton burger commercial (which you can only view online).

Bill O'Reilly seems to think that it is inappropriate for a “family restaurant” to air such a commericial.

His logic being that when he has eaten at Carl's he has seen families there. So the company should only use the most wholesome Pat Boone type of advertising.

Funny I see lots of families going to the cottage on the weekend but that doesn't stop beer companies from using cottages as a backdrop for sexy commericials.

Ditto golf courses.

Any way the best thing about the sexy commercial (in which Paris actually looks like she has hips) is that she actually takes a real bite from the burger.

I mean she chomps down hard and it almost looks like it drips a bit (or she drools).

I like this because so many commercials featuring food have people taking those stupid fake bites and then pretending their chewing.

You also see that in movies where they are supposed to be eating so the actor or actress takes a bite of food chews twice and then starts talking normally as if there is no food in their mouth - and they haven't even swallowed.

Anyway, I wonder if Paris would eat a 9 pound burger? She sure looks hungry.