My Bold Prediction

Apparently CBC's "The Hour" will have Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park on sometime this week - perhaps tonight. I don't know for sure because I only saw a fragment of the show last night and was only half listening as I was busy reading porn….. the Bible …… Barbecue stuff on the ‘Net.

My prediction? Socialist George will spend most of his time trying to prove that they aren't "conservatives" expect questions like:

You guys hate Republicans too, right? or something of that nature.

This isn't entirely off base, I think the word conservative is often misused. There is a difference between conservative and right-wing. I would call the South Park guys right wing in that they have a libertarian streak but they are not truly conservative. I fall into this camp as well.

Another word that is misused a lot these days is "neo-conservative" which is applied almost exclusively as an insult it seems and is taken to mean someone who is an extreme or radical conservative ie someone who is even more conservative than a regular conservative.

In fact the word means "new conservative" and was originally applied to former leftists who had moved right. They were "neo" because they hadn't always been conservative.